Workplace Courage Acts Index (WCAI)

Developed by Jim Detert and Evan Bruno, the Workplace Courage Acts Index (WCAI) helps individuals and organizations understand workplace courage in their own environment. Specifically, the WCAI asks respondents to evaluate how courageous certain behaviors are perceived to be in their own context and how frequently the behaviors happen there when opportunities arise.

The WCAI is based in analyses of over 700 stories collected from a wide variety of respondent types (e.g., those varying widely in age, work experience, national origin, job type, job level). These stories, and subsequent data collections, led to the defining and refining of labels for a set of behaviors that are commonly seen as courageous in workplaces of all types.

What behaviors? Overall, there are 35 behaviors assessed on the WCAI, organized into four shorter surveys covering acts involving:

  • Higher-ups (Truth to power)
  • Those at the same level or below the actor in the hierarchy (Confront peers and subordinates)
  • External parties (Principled engagement with stakeholders)
  • The self (Bold personal actions)

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Choosing courage in key moments can protect others, help solve problems and avert disasters, lead to opportunities seized, and to various forms of innovation and growth.

It can inspire commitment, bolster trust, and lead others to act more courageously. Choosing courage helps you build the legacy you want and avoid regrets you don’t want.

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